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Qavimator is back under development! Fig Mistwood has started the project up again, so stay tuned!

QAvimator is a Qt port of Vince Invincible's avimator, a bvh animation editor created for use in the Second Life® virtual world.


Linux : Main Editor

Linux : Prop Chair

Linux : Props attached to limbs

MacOS X : Main Editor.

MacOS X : With prop violin.

Windows : Main Editor and timeline.

Windows : Showing the Avatar Skeleton.


Creating a simple Animation - A quick introduction to QAvimator


Linux (SVN)

There are no fixed releases at this time, the best way to try out QAvimator is to check out the SVN working copy. Just be warned, this is the live working copy and is being updated frequenty. Please Report Bugs.

Check out the current working copy with

svn co qavimator

and run the following commands:

cd qavimator/
make install

To update your local copy of QAvimator to the latest snapshot:

svn up
make install


Download QAvimator for Windows (updated January 06, 2010)

Mirror 1

Mirror 2


PPC-only version (it should run on Intel machines under Rosetta).

qavimator-0.0.118.dmg (Updated January 13, 2007)


  • Zi Ree: Qt port, main developer, windows setup
  • Fig Mistwood: That new guy, code and stuff.
  • Trinity Dejavu: Website & silly feature requests.
  • Darkside Eldrich: Multi avatar base code
  • Christine Montgomery: Responsible for the MacOS X port.
  • Vince Invincible: Developer of orginal Avimator
  • Lynard Goodliffe: Made the first Windows setup build.
  • Thanks to everyone who helped with testing and Torely Linden for an awesome video.

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